The Recent FDA Reporting on Oral Flea/Tick Medications: What you Need to Know.

Recently, we’ve had numerous calls and many conversations with concerned clients and pet parents regarding the news reports about the “dangers” of oral flea/tick products and in some cases labeling it as a “recall” from the FDA.  We want to provide you with accurate information to help you make an informed decision on which products are best for your pets.

We have been recommending Nexgard and approving requests for other oral flea/tick products from online sources for several years. We’ve had many clients enjoy the ease of giving these medications without the hassle and mess of using a topical product. As a practice, we have yet to  diagnose any pet as having an adverse neurologic reaction to these oral products when used as prescribed or directed. We have had a few reports of gastrointestinal upset especially when coupled with other preventatives and oral medications. In those cases, we’ve always advised separating the oral medications by a few days or weeks. These recommendations usually solve the aliments, but in the rare case that these symptoms continue we discuss alternatives with those owners. We also partner with the local emergency clinics and also have yet to see a report from them on our patients who have been either referred or visited on an emergency case of neurologic signs that could be determined to be the result of these products in use as directed. With that being said, with any oral medications; pesticides in particular, there is always a potential for an adverse reaction, especially if not given or used as directed. This same caution applies to topical products when not used as recommended by a veterinarian or product labeling.

We rely on you as pet parents, to keep us informed of any changes in your pets behavior or health and we can then discuss what options we have to help diagnose and treat them. So, please continue to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pets.

Here is the actual report from the FDA regarding these products. Labeling of these products will likely change and we will be sure to inform you of the changes as they come to us. Until then, we will continue to prescribe these products if you wish to continue using them and they cause no negative reactions with your pets. If there is a recall on any product, we will update you with that information as well.

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