1. If you are looking for veterinarians that are compassionate, knowledgeable, and treat your pets as if they were their own, Dr. Lucas & Dr. Samson are the perfect pair! Not only are they wonderful doctors, but the office staff and techs are wonderful as well. My husband and I are grateful to have this crew to keep our two pups healthy.

  2. From the moment I walked in with my dog through the moment I left, I felt as if every staff member treated my dog like she was their own. The exam was thorough, everything was explained to me in great detail and I couldn't be happier I chose Blue Oasis The facility itself is incredibly clean, calm and quiet. This is tremendously helpful for a dog like mine who tends to get overstimulated quickly.

    Michael P (via Google)
  3. I found Blue Oasis when I moved to Middle Tennessee. The doctors were referred to me by a fellow dog lover. I am so glad I took his advice! Dr. Sansom is fantastic, she always takes time to explain everything about my dog’s heart disease. From labs to ultrasounds she makes sure that I am involved in his care and carefully goes over all of the questions that I have. We travel 45 minutes to visit her even though there are plenty of vets in my area. She is a Godsend.

    Ann Marie
  4. We are absolutely blown away by Blue Oasis. Dr. Lucas has gone above and beyond for our yellow lab after a horrible accident that required a lot of appointments and back and fourths to the emergency room. She called after hours to inform me (let the record reflect I am a VERY very anxious dog parent) about everything and was very realistic about how things went. The staff and especially nurse Megan are simply the most amazing people. We are new to the area from Virginia Beach and always do our research as again my husband I are just picky with where we bring her. I honestly could not love this practice more!

    Natalie M. (via Yelp)
  5. Our family (now 3 fur babies) love Blue Oasis Pet Hospital and have been clients since they opened. We recently were gifted with a beautiful kitten (who had been thrown out of a vehicle on our dead-end road – it was just terrible and very scary). They were able to see us that day and 10 weeks later, due to their amazing care, she has healed beautifully. We would not go anywhere else. Our older dog and cat always enjoy their “fear-free” visits too!

  6. I have a very scared dog that doesn’t like to be touched and they do everything in their power to make her happy. She’s made a ton of progress just from going here and can interact with people better. Truly a lifesaver. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Best vet we have EVER had.

  7. They had me hooked on my first visit when Dr. Sansom got down on the floor to my fur baby level because my baby was scared! They explain everything in detail so I understand. I have always had really good service with them!

  8. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Sansom was absolutely fantastic. The tech, Sarah, was thorough and very nice. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Highly recommend!

  9. Phenomenal service and very knowledgeable! I took my dog here yesterday for the first time for a second opinion, as my dog has been sick for a couple of months and my prior vet was not communicating a diagnosis, and we were not sure what to do next. I am blown away by the kindness and communication everyone at this office has to offer. Dr. Lucas is fantastic and took as much time as we needed to discuss what she found on our dog’s bloodwork and a plan of action moving forward. She sent all records, prescribed medication, and detailed instructions to my email and also called the next morning to give me an update on bloodwork and make sure I received everything we needed in the email. I know that Dr. Lucas is just as involved with my dog’s health as I am and nothing makes me feel better than that. I have tried a LOT of vets in the past, and Blue Oasis is by far the most thorough and caring. Sure we live a good distance away, but I will be transitioning all of my pets to her and the rest of the staff’s wonderful care. I will be recommending everyone I know to this office!

  10. Awesome! Blue Oasis is fantastic. I have a dog that has high anxiety at vet clinics, and the staff here is superb. First, they don’t judge (me or my dog). They understand my dog is afraid not bad. Second, every single member of the staff was laser focused on making Gemma comfortable and cared for. They have such a great attitude. Third, and the most critical, Dr. Samson is Simply. The. Best. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, informative, efficient (yet spends all the appropriate time to acclimate, treat, and explain), and incredibly friendly and vested in Gemma’s health. AWESOME!

  11. Anyone in the Mt Juliet area of TN, we could not be more impressed with Blue Oasis Pet Hospital. We were headed out of town when our 12.5 year old dog had a scary episode. We honestly thought he was dying. We happened to be across the street from Blue Oasis, so we dashed over. Without hesitation, they took our boy in and were so kind, caring and thorough in ensuring Maverick got the best care… and his humans were okay. They even called us this evening to check on Mav, and they were thrilled he was doing great! We are so grateful for the care and attention they gave our boy. If we lived in that part of town, we would be taking our boys to them. Thank you so much to the entire team! We are forever grateful!

  12. I was looking for a new vet after my last one terrified my dog and didn’t listen. This hospital is fear free and they actually listen. They read my intake paperwork about how my dog reacts to certain things and were totally prepared. They had treats and toys as distractions and didn’t hold her down when she got nervous. They took the time to make us both comfortable and for that I will continue to return.

    Jae D. (via Google)
  13. This is the best vet office we’ve ever had BY FAR!! I cannot rave about their business enough!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We found them because we had a very sick, younger dog (4 years old, and her breed typically has a life expectancy of 12-14+ years) who was not improving and our prior vet back then wasn’t cutting it. So we found Blue Oasis and let me tell you they are thorough, sweet, genuine, and SUPER transparent. After being boarded for treatment, our doggo needed to be transferred to a bigger vet hospital because she had unfortunately taken a sharp turn for the worse. I arrived super afraid and extremely shaken up because this dog was some of the closest family I’ve ever had and we didn’t fully know what was wrong with her. When I went to pick her up, the vet sat us down in a separate room and calmly explained EVERY single aspect of EVERY single test/lab they had run and explained their differentials as well as why the test/lab was performed. They allowed us time to not only ask a ton of questions— while being incredibly gentle and genuine— but they didn’t rush us at all (even though they had to close up their office for the day soon thereafter) and they even took time to commiserate with and comfort us. Ultimately, our dog passed away after a few more weeks— but it was only after this vet had tried everything they could possibly do and it was extremely apparent to us that was the case. They made one of the most hellish periods of my life more bearable and I will forever be grateful and indebted to them for that. They even sent us an incredible card after our doggo passed— filled with lots of super thoughtful messages/condolences— with an insert that had seeds for us to plant some flowers in our dog’s memory. Several months later, we got another puppy and we knew that the only vet we wanted for our newest addition to the family was this vet and this vet’s office. This office, to this day, consistently goes far beyond the call of duty and exceeds expectations literally every single time we have to contact them. I know I can call them about any question I have about our puppy and I will get a timely, thorough answer every time. If you have a dog anywhere near Mount Juliet: this is the ONLY vet’s office you should consider, period! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 They will treat your dog like their own and treat you like family. We are so blessed to have found them!!!

    Aubrey W. (via Google)
  14. I can’t even begin to describe how absolutely amazing the staff is at this practice. One of my dogs was needing to be muzzled during vaccines at our previous vet and the other one would shake and pee in the corner. We just had our first visit with Blue Oasis and what a complete difference! My dogs were calm, happy, tail wagging the whole time. One of my dogs even got blood drawn and had no idea as she was being distracted by other staff. There was zero stress for them or me. I left feeling great instead of guilty and sad that my dogs were scared. They really go at your dogs pace. Exams are done while being petted and not restrained. They check you out in the exam room so you’re not at the desk with other animals if you have dogs that don’t do well with that. It was truly a joy and I wanted to cry happy tears instead of sad tears. Thank you Blue Oasis! You guys are doing something amazing and truly making a difference in my dogs life.

    Mercedes H. (via Google)
  15. I have 100% confidence in the vets and staff at Blue Oasis. They are kind and attentive to the needs of my pets at all times, are excellent listeners when I discuss my concerns. I have taken a variety of issues to them over many years now, and they have never let me down or disappointed me.

  16. Rosie and Rico went to Blue Oasis Pet Hospital for their physicals and vaccines. This was our first experience with a fear-free AAHA accredited vet out here in Tennessee, and we had an amazing experience. The staff, vet techs, and vet were so kind and patient with the dogs, and offered them lick mats with peanut butter and cheese while they attended to them. Big thank you to the staff of Blue Oasis Pet Hospital. ♥️🐾

    Ashley (via Facebook)
  17. We have had 2 English bulldogs who have been served by both of the Doctors. They go beyond to try and fit you in when there is a need. The staff is very welcoming and pleasant. The doctors make you feel like you are the only patient they have when you are being seen. They always treat the dogs in a way that makes them comfortable and have lots of compassion. Very professional as well. Listen to your input too! Very special group!

  18. Blue Oasis Pet Hospital is truly one of a kind. From the receptionists to the vet techs to the doctors, they all deliver outstanding service & love our fur children.

    Aileen H. (via Google)
  19. I am deaf and they were so supportive by FaceTiming and talking to me with Ivy. I was able to ask questions and she was so calm with the vets!! I am sold with them!! They’re very knowledgeable about KC and their health issues. I highly recommend them!!

    Tania (via Google)
  20. This place is the BEST OF THE BEST!!! We have 3 very anxious rescue dogs and was recommended this place by our trainer. It’s an absolute game changer. Megan works with our Zena, who needs extra time and love at the vet, and makes miracles happen. I never thought I would see the day where our babies could walk into a vet and feel so understood and loved. The entire staff, including our favorites Megan and Dr. Vaughn, spend so much time making sure our dogs are beyond comfortable. They take the time (and treats) to understand each of our rescue babies, never pushing or rushing any visit, whether that means sitting on the floor on the dog’s level, or talking in sweet voices with music on to gain trust. We used to stress about going to the vet and now we can sleep at night knowing we have this incredible team on our side. Out of all of our 10+ years fostering and working with many dog rescues, we’ve never met a staff more loving and kind. These people are godsends and meant for this job. The best decision you could ever make for your pet is bringing them HERE. Thank you for changing our lives, alongside Corduroy, Zena, and JoJo!!!

    Macy K. (from Google)
  21. This was our first experience with Blue Oasis after adopting a 6-month-old puppy from New Leash on Life. Even though COVID has changed the way they have to do business for now, we felt very engaged by everyone. Dr. Lucas was very informative & went over everything with us regarding our new pups health. They were great & we will be glad when we can meet her, & her staff, face to face! We highly recommend!!

  22. I had a really bad experience at another local vet so I was a bit nervous bringing in my cat Lyla. I bought a house last year and she came with it. She’s been on the property for at least 8 years and no one had taken her to a vet before. So I knew there were a lot of things that I needed to have done for her. The front desk was able to get an appointment and walked me through medicating her for the visit to help with her anxiety. They had a room specifically for cats and got us in quickly so we weren’t waiting in the waiting area. They let my cat get comfortable with the room and with them before doing anything. They used just the right amount of force/convincing and gentleness with my cat. Other than her being obsessed with Churu after, my cat is doing great!

    Michaella P. (from Google)