Whether coming in for an annual wellness visit or a sick visit, each pet that comes to Blue Oasis Pet Hospital for an appointment will receive a comprehensive health exam. Our doctors examine each patient from head to tail. The following is a summary of some of the things we are evaluating your pet for on an exam:

Eyes– Signs of disease; discharge or tearing; abnormal movement or reaction to light, eyelid abnormalities, retinal disease

Ears– Signs of ear infection including pain, gland swelling, redness, odor, mites, ear canal tumors, and ear drum disease and rupture

Mouth– Bad breath, level of calculus on teeth, gingivitis, oral tumors, gum color, tonsils, dehydration

Heart– Heart rate, arrhythmias, murmurs/valvular disease

Lungs– Wheezing, crackling, muffled heart sounds, increased airway sounds

Abdomen– Increased abdominal organ enlargement-liver, spleen, and kidneys; bladder size, pain, or stones; intestinal thickness or gas; discomfort on palpation; excessive fluid

Legs– Muscle symmetry, grinding sounds or feel in the joints; limitations in range of joint motion, painful bones or joints, lameness

Coat, Skin, and Nails– Overall condition and quality of coat; lumps and bumps; excessive dander; saliva-stained fur; fleas/ticks; skin rashes and infections; overgrown nails; tapeworms, fecal matting, or anal gland disease around bottom

Lymph nodes/Thyroid– Any irregularities or changes in size

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