What's the most important thing to know about cat behavior?

Many cat behaviors are normal for them to have, even if they may seem abnormal to us. Some examples include excessive vocalization, urinating outside of the litter box, climbing on furniture, or killing small creatures and bringing them back to us. These behaviors are considered normal for cats, but they may become a nuisance when they live in our homes.

Dr. Noël Lucas
Blue Oasis Pet Hospital

Is it possible to fix behavior issues in a cat?

Yes, it is possible to fix behavioral problems in a cat. It's important to determine whether the issue is medical or behavioral in nature. If it's a medical problem, treatment will be directed toward resolving that issue. If it's a behavioral problem, your veterinarian can work with you to address the concerns you have.

When should I bring my cat in to see a vet to discuss behavior?

If your cat's behavior is not normal or if a problem persists, it's time to have a conversation with your veterinarian. Common reasons for bringing a cat in for abnormal behavior include litter box issues, excessive vocalization, and scratching or biting people. Your veterinarian can help determine if the cause is medical or behavioral and recommend appropriate treatments.

What are some treatment options for behavioral problems?

If the abnormal behavior is due to a medical issue, tests will be run to determine the diagnosis and specific treatments will be recommended. If the issue is behavioral, there are various treatments available, including supplements and medications. Your veterinarian can also work with you to alter the environment to make it more enriching and help reduce the behavioral issues. Partnering with your veterinarian can help you address your cat's abnormal behavior and improve their quality of life.

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