New Prescription Policy Coming July 1st

Blue Oasis Pet Hospital will NOT process prescription requests for medications, preventatives, and special diets sent directly to us (via phone or email) from online suppliers.

In order to: a) ensure accurate prescriptions and b) ensure veterinary practice laws are followed appropriately, Blue Oasis Pet Hospital has the following policies for prescribing and refilling medications for your pet:

1. We are happy to provide a prescription for the pharmacy of your choice. In order to ensure accuracy, prescriptions are best given as paper documents. You may receive a written prescription at the time of your appointment for you to take to your preferred pharmacy. Alternatively, we can call in your pet's prescription to your pharmacy of choice (excluding online suppliers).

2. Alternatively, you may be able to fill your prescription(s) through our online partner pharmacy, Covetrus. An account will be created for you and the prescription placed in your local pharmacy "Care Cabinet''. Supplements and prescription diets prescribed or recommended are typically dispensed in this manner. (Please note that we do not authorize prescriptions through any other online pharmacies).

3. If you need a refill for a prescription, please plan ahead as some medications cannot be stopped suddenly. While we try to process requests as quickly as possible, IT MAY TAKE AT LEAST 48-72 HOURS FOR OUR OFFICE TO PROCESS YOUR REFILL REQUEST. You may obtain a refill either through our online partner pharmacy (you can send a notification to our office through the pharmacy) OR we may call in your pet's prescription to a local pharmacy.

PLEASE NOTE: By law, in order to authorize prescriptions, all pets must have an examination by a veterinarian annually (every 12 months).

Thank you for your understanding while we serve our patients in the most efficient and accurate manner possible.

Remember, by choosing to purchase your pet's prescriptions from Blue Oasis Pet Hospital or our partner pharmacy, you are supporting a local business.